About Boefke

Why organic baby clothes?

Since I became a mother I have learned a lot about baby clothes. I have tried many different fabrics and my choice is organic cotton. I love the feeling of it, so soft and pure. And it is so much better for our planet.

One of the things I learned is that I prefer to use rompers to keep my baby warm, protect his belly and keep his diaper in place. I noticed that there were a lot of differences in quality of rompers. Since the fabric touches the baby’s skin directly, I find it is very important that the fabric is soft and made without harmful substances.

I want to share what I have learned during this process and have therefore designed organic baby clothes, which are not only basic but fashionable. Organic clothing is our children’s future.

Why the name Boefke?

I came up with the name Boefke, because I always called my son a Boefke. His father comes from the Frisian province of the Netherlands, where they say Boefke to a little rascal. So Boefke it is!

About Boefke

I started Boefke with a friend.
We design our clothes ourselves and we have found a fantastic small organic factory in India to make our collection. They make beautiful organic clothes, with lots of commitment and feeling for our product. It’s like one big family! Boefke is from people who care, for people who care, about our future.

Clothes made with love!